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About Us

Since 1996, our company has served as a leading temporary employment agency to hundreds of businesses. We are solutions-driven. As a supplier, our focus is to get your orders completed. As a provider, our focus is to get people jobs they appreciate and want to go to. When everyone’s happy – we all win.

That’s part of our difference. As opposed to other staffing services and recruiting companies – we focus on people, dependability, and service. Resource’ services are custom tailored to your specific needs. We can fill from one to hundreds of skilled or non-skilled jobs to suit your workforce needs, as well as corporate diversity (SBA) demands.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Resource Employment Solutions understands the challenges employers face in today’s competitive market. Safety, service, and savings are all equally important factors in achieving your bottom-line goals. Resource is committing to saving companies money without sacrificing service.

Industry Expertise

Employment Sourcing
Placement Protocol

National Capabilities

Resource Employment Solutions is a national provider of staffing and recruitment services. We have concentrated “clusters” of business throughout the nation, with a focus on organic growth. Our localized understanding of the market gives us the advantage of reaching who we need, when we need them. Our experienced team of recruiters are prepared to fill your order 24/7.

Our Solution Services

  • Match® Staffing System
  • Online Candidate Procurement
  • Staffing Vendor Management
  • In-Sourcing Labor Model
  • National Reach
  • Corporate Diversity Integration
  • National Flex Staff ™